July 21, 2023 7:30 pm | Sofia City Art Gallery

Arensky & Brahms

Arensky & Brahms

Quartet again after the big orchestra? The Russian composer Anton Arensky wrote a special string quartet - instead of the traditional two violin parts, he wrote two cello parts (Mozart, for example, prefers to separate the violas - in his quintets, in the Symphony-Concertante). Are we curious to hear the sonority of this unusual quartet? I believe that the warm and humanly expressive voice of the two cellos will also shape the character of the music. In his first composition for a large string ensemble, Brahms does more justice with two violins, two violas, and two cellos, but the impression is that we hear many more instruments. Excited, yet fabulous and somehow cozy in character and flow, the music of the very young Brahms shows marvels of technical mastery and ingenuity. And the author was so young that Josef Joachim remembers how, at the first rehearsal of the sextet, the author shyly sat at the back of the hall and did not want to show himself under any circumstances.



Anton Arensky

Quartet №2 for violin, viola and two cellos, A minor, op.35

Johannes Brahms

String sextett Nr.1, B-flat major, op. 18


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