July 12, 2024 7:00 pm | Central Military Club

Valeriy Sokolov & Johannes Schlaefli

Valeriy Sokolov & Johannes Schlaefli

It was after Strauss composed his “operetta” or “light opera”, named after the nocturnal mammal, that we finally realised how jolly and gracious the tiny bat was. The entire intrigue of this piece, its vanity, jolliness, misunderstandings, charm, and dreaminess, are already there before the curtain rises. For like a fragrant scent they are already contained in the famous overture.

The tonality of A major, the tonality of Mozart’s Fifth Violin Concerto, gives off a specific fragrance.  From the misty and ambiguous Adagio in the first movement, through the skyrocketing arpeggios of the Allegro aperto, right up to the dances ‘alla turca’ in the finale, this magical concerto does not cease to cast its spell until the final rondo menuetto flits up celestial staircase.

Presented once more is one of Antonín Dvořák’s most vivid compositions - an apotheosis of the Czech musical spirit and character. Perenially popular with audiences, the Eighth Symphony has long been known as “English”, despite its unmistakably Czech character. Its performance in Cambridge on June 16th 1891 symbolically replaced the academic address Dvořák was obliged to make in response to being awarded an honorary PhD by the University. Composers like Dvořák are veritable touchstones for a whole nation!


Allegra Festival Orchestra

Valeriy Sokolov - violin

Johannes Schlaefli - conductor


Johann Strauss (1825 - 1899)

Overture to Die Fledermaus

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)

Violin Concerto No. 5 in A major, K. 219

Antonín Dvořák (1841 - 1904)

Symphony No.8, Op.88



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80 min